How do I install ProXPN on Linux?




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    Hi Greg,

    Not to be asking stupid questions,I can be known for that @😊 but stupid to me is the equivalent of being lost=the equation is finding a true answer from the honest KnoWinG= which leads me to a little bit smarter, which is equivalent to becoming found.(then repeat loop)lol.😊. So back to the sharp point that frees the air from their balloon prisons.😊where do I get the info in this is appreciated. thanks Greg .May we all be blessed thru our hard works,

    Duane h.

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    This is great. However, I must remind everyone again that Ubuntu and Debian are just two Linux distros. Why there isn't an rpm installer or better yet, a standalone installer aka shell script that is distro agnostic is beyond me. I know there are third party ones but why doesn't ProXPN have an official one?

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