How do I Install ProXPN on Windows?




  • subdad

    This happened on the last upgrade. It appears to download, but there is no dmg. and I get the message that there was an error. 

    I am on Mac using Sierra, but I don't use the automatic downloads.

    I forgot the remedy you gave me last time.



  • Christian Schoemmer

    I have to make a remark about ProXPN on Mac.
    Not sure, if I should open a bug ticket, so I'm telling you about my experience here.

    I'm on the new 15'' Macbook Pro 2016 with Sierra.
    When the ProXPN software runs, also if it's not connected, I get a very spotty Wifi connection (only Wifi, Ethernet works fine for whatever reason).
    When I run a test on, it runs very fast at first, but then the connection drops for a few seconds, then it's fast again and slows down and so forth.
    All in all it comes out at about half the speed that the connection has.

    I've tested it on many different networks, and I've put a Windows Laptop right next to my Mac and did the very same test, right after the test with the Mac, and the connection was much better.

    I had a very hard time finding out what could cause this problem.
    Today I saw that the connection is fine, if I close the ProXPN client.
    It's reproducable.

    Now I have two options. Either I close the ProXPN software every time I don't use it, or I install a connection using a different OpenVPN client (but I haven't figured that out, yet).

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